Red Cap - Behind the story

This article is about my ideas and inspiration for the short story I wrote, The Red Cap. If you have not read it, you can read it first here.

The Red Cap is a story about A circular walk in the woods, a story about what goes around comes around.

The story

I’ve always loved the concept of full circles and this story is a simple an exercise in that. Inspired a little by Groundhog Day the story sees Jenny and Sam take a walk in their local woods and Sam becoming entrapped in an endless loop where he assaults himself and takes his cap.

I tried to foreshadow this concept throughout the story through references to circles such as the woods being called ring woods and the full moon. I also tried to hint that the attacker and sam where one of the same through references to their clothes and their language use.

Whether I succeeded is for you to tell.

The Illustration

It’s been two years since I did any illustration so I’m a little rusty. I wanted to create something simple to ease myself back into producing images like this so decided on a simple cap and fist, with a nod to the comic book type star of an impact. It was the first time I use an Apple Pencil and Graphic on the iPad.

I welcome feedback on either so feel free to tweet me on Twitter

Jon Baker